Saturday 10/16/21

Police ask for clues on missing teenager in Myllypuro

He was last seen at his home on 21 June.

The missing 15-year-old boy Jeremias Muranen. Photo: Police.

Police ask for clues to the whereabouts of teenager Jeremias Muranen, who disappeared last month. He was last seen at his home in Myllypuro (east Helsinki) on 21 June.

According to police information, the missing boy is about 177 centimeters tall and slender. He has brown, curly hair.

At the time of his disappearance, Jeremias was wearing black pants, a black hoodie and black cap. He also wore a black Adidas backpack.

Any information that might be relevant to find him can be reported to the phone numbers 0295471283 or 0295475018 (in office hours) or by email to the address [email protected]