Thursday. 28.09.2023

Jyväskylä police had to intervene on Friday night and early Saturday in an incident involving explosives.

According to police information, the alarms were activated at 22:55, after a "middle-aged man" from Central Finland made a call to the emergency center and announced that he had dynamite in his car and was heading with it to the Jyväskyla police station, with the intention of detonating it.

Members of the security forces quickly located the vehicle in the vicinity of Keuruntie, near Ruokke and Killerin. The man was arrested on the spot without resistance.

Inside the car, the police found several sticks of dynamite to which detonators had been attached. In total, there was approximately one kilogram of explosive in the vehicle.

The police isolated the area around the car and cut off road and train traffic in the area for several hours.

Explosive deactivated

A group specialized in explosives was mobilized. Around 7:00 in the morning, the explosive devices had been deactivated and traffic reopened at 7:30.

"Currently it is suspected that the man was preparing an aggravated crime against life or health, as well as an explosive crime. At the moment, there are no more suspects than the man involved in the act," says Saara Asmundela, from the Central Finland Police.

The investigation will continue on Saturday with interrogations and house searches.

Police arrest man with dynamite to "blow up" Jyväskylä police station