Thursday. 30.03.2023

Police arrested man suspected of killing his girlfriend

The victim, a 25-year-old girl, was found dead in a private apartment in Orimattila.
Photo: Polamk/Finnish-Police

On the night of December 25-26, the Häme police department received an alert call about an incident occurred in private residence in Orimattilä (in the Päijät-Häme region).

A police patrol moved to the place and upon arrival, the agents found in the apartment the lifeless body of a 25-year-old girl, who had apparently been the victim of a murder.

At the scene, the police arrested the victim's boyfriend, a man under 30, suspected of being the author of the crime.

The Häme police says they are investigating the case as a murder and the man arrested remains in custody.

Preliminary investigation of the crime is in the early stages and so far the police cannot provide more information to secure the investigation.

Police arrested man suspected of killing his girlfriend