Tuesday. 28.05.2024

The Police have progressed in the investigation into the explosion that occurred in Tornio (Lapland) in the early morning of August 4, in which a vehicle used by the Finnish Border Guard was damaged.

According to a press release, 4 people have been arrested in the Western Lapland region in connection to the events. The participation of each of them in the attack is being investigated. 

Police has also found one of the vehicles - a small red passenger car - that was seen at the scene at the time of the blast. The car is in possession of the police and its connection to the crime is also under investigation now.

According to Commissioner Teemu Mäntyniemi, the preliminary investigation conducted by KRP and the Lapland Police Department remains open. The police did not want to reveal the motive for the crime, which is being investigated as an explosive crime and damage.

Tornio: A police vehicle patrols the site where a low-power bomb exploded under a Finnish Border Guard car last night. Photo: Timo Heikkala/Lehtikuva/dpaA vehicle patrols the scene the morning after the blast. Photo: Timo Heikkala/dpa.


The blast, which occurred around 00:50, was provoked by a low-power bomb. The device had been placed under a Volkswagen Transporter van rented by the Border Guard for regular use. The vehicle, which did not have any official Border Guard insignia, was parked near a residential area on Aarnintie street.

Police continue searching for other witnesses and demanding clues and observations from passers-by or residents.

"Information on the movements of a small red car between Tornio and Kemi after the event is needed. We are also interested in the people seen that night around Aarnintie and their movements," Mäntyniemi says.

Police arrest 4 for bomb attack in Tornio