Sunday. 19.05.2024

Bicycle thefts have increased sharply in the Helsinki region. The number of stolen bikes is becoming a serious problem particularly in places like Espoo.

According to the latest data published by the police, only in the Western Uusimaa area this type of crime has risen by "almost 50%."

Another problematic issue, in addition to thefts per se, is that active thieves do not steal bicycles for themselves but to sell them. For this reason, police the Western Uusimaa police reminds that "if you are buying a used bicycle from someone, please note that the bicycle can be taken away from you if it is found to be stolen."

In some cases also the buyer can be charged for buying a stolen bicycle.

In order to curb these crimes, police department’s investigation units and the analysis unit have started a project which aims to decrease the amount of bicycle thefts. Analysis is done to identify and apprehend individuals selling stolen bicycles on the internet sites.

How to avoid thefts

In order for the project to succeed, police ask the bike owners to do the following things before and after the possible theft.


  • Write down the serial number of the bicycle.
  • Take photos of your bicycle and its particular features such as replaced parts, dents etc. (these can be used to identify your bike once bikes are found in the thief’s storage.
  • Best way to prevent a theft is to lock the bicycle with a proper lock to a solid structure or a bicycle rack.
  • The lock should be able to withstand basic tools including bolt cutters.


  • File a report to police as soon as possible via internet or at a police station.
  • Include the serial number, features in the report.

If someone find their bike on sale in the internet, let police know about it by mailing the information to [email protected]

Bicycle thefts increased sharply in Helsinki region