Sunday. 14.04.2024

Thursday morning was different from the other mornings for Lidl customers because the supermarket company started to sell its new sneakers. Some customers queued at the shops in the morning to buy one pair for themselves, in a fever several degrees higher than that caused by the coronavirus.

According to Ilta Sanomat, a local Lidl in Kirkkonummi had lots of customers waiting at its doors already before 8:00 a.m. One customer said, “There are usually a few people in front of Lidl, this morning there was a long queue.”

Lidl colorful sneakers are being sold by 15 euros.

When the doors opened, people who wanted to buy these sneakers rushed inside and no one remembered coronavirus. Nothing like this had been seen since several years ago, when hundreds of people queued patiently for hours at the opening of a new Tokmanni store to get a free bucket.

“There were all the people on top of each other. The seller just shouted, remember the social distance,” said one customer.

Crowd in kalasatama and Turku

Also, another customer said the same thing happened in Kalasatama's Red shopping center Lidl, “Everyone lined up normally. At exactly 8 a.m. they run or quickly walked to the shop and the sneakers’ shelf emptied in less than 10 seconds.”

At the Lidl shop in The Western Center, Turku, there were no sneakers at 9:00 a.m. All the shoes were sold out at 8:00 a.m.

Online shopping

A father from North Helsinki woke up in the morning and remembered that on Tuesday Lidl's sneakers were available.

His son had been wanting them for many days, and the father himself was enthusiastic about it.

The man went to Lidl's online store before three o'clock and ordered two pairs for the family.

Resell on the internet

A couple of hours later, some people had started to sell the same snikers on the internet. However, the price was higher. Several advertisements could be found asking for six, seven or 30 times more that the original price.

Finns forget about Covid-19 and rush for Lidl sneakers