Tuesday. 27.02.2024

If the UK withdraws from the EU (Brexit) without an agreement, the recipients of Finnish national pension residing in the UK will receive national pension for a period of one year after the withdrawal, informed the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

This so-called protection period of one year is the same as for national pension recipients moving to any country outside the EU.

On Thursday 17 October 2019, the Government proposed approval of a bill on this issue. The President of the Republic is expected to approve the bill on Friday.

The act will enter into force on 23 October 2019 and it will be applied as of the date of the withdrawal if the UK withdraws from the EU without an agreement. By means of the act, Finland prepares for a no-deal Brexit and guarantees the position of Finnish national pension recipients in the UK for a period of one year.

Finnish pensions to UK will be paid for one year in case of no-deal