Saturday. 20.04.2024

A child born to a same-sex female couple can now obtain Finnish citizenship directly. This change is part of the new Maternity Act that entered into force in Finland on 1 April 2019.

As the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) remarked on its customer's bulletin, under the new Maternity Act, a child’s second parent may also be a woman. Before this, a child’s second parent by law was the child’s father.

The immediate consequence of this legal change is that any child born to a female couple can get the Finnish citizenship if the couple has received assisted fertility treatment in health care after 1 April 2019. When the maternity of the second parent has been established at a maternity clinic, her Finnish citizenship will automatically pass on to the child if the child is born in Finland.

A child who is born outside Finland after 31 May 2003 can obtain Finnish citizenship by declaration. This is possible if the birth mother’s partner was a Finnish citizen at the time the child was born and her maternity has been established.

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Finland makes access to citizenship easier for children of female partners