Sunday. 19.05.2024

One more month, air traffic operated at the minimum level due to the restrictions derived from the Covid-19 crisis.

In November 2020, a total of 170,703 passengers flew through Finnish airports, which was 91% fewer than twelve months earlier, according to Statistics Finland's latest figures on transport and tourism.

There were 122,426 passengers at Helsinki Airport (-92% compared to November 2019) and 48,277 (-85%) at other domestic airports. Helsinki Airport accounted for 72% of all passengers at domestic airports.

Of the passengers, 48% came from international flights and 52% from domestic flights. The share of passengers on international flights was 64% at Helsinki Airport and 7% at other domestic airports.


Source: Statistics Finland.

January - November

In January to November 2020, the number of passengers flying through Finnish airports totaled 6.3 million, which was 74% fewer than one year before. Of the passengers, 69% came from international flights and 31% from domestic flights.

There were 4.9 million passengers at Helsinki Airport and a total of 1.3 million passengers at other domestic airports. Helsinki Airport accounted for 79% of passengers at domestic airports.

In January to November 2020, the volume of air freight and mail transport totaled 118,926 tonnes, which was 43% lower than one year earlier.

Of the tonnes, 98% passed through Helsinki Airport and 99% were transported in traffic between Finland and foreign countries. Altogether 64,785 tonnes of the transported volume of goods were outgoing and 54,141 tonnes incoming.

Number of passengers at Finnish airports fell 91%