Saturday. 20.04.2024

Education Minister Li Andersson, who also chairs the Left Alliance (Vasemmistoliitto, one of the 5 parties in the government), proposes to give 100 euros to each Finn as part of a package of measures to stimulate the economy.

In her May Day speech, Andersson explained that the government will decide later in the spring on a stimulus package to boost the country's economy while the restrictions imposed over economic activity are gradually lifted. 

Revitalization coupon

And among the measures to adopt, the left-wing party leader proposes to give each citizen what they call "a revitalization coupon" to be spent on small shops and cultural venues, which had to lock their doors due to the pandemic.

-"Vasemmistoliitto proposes that one of the ways of revitalization could be to distribute to all Finns for example a 100-euro revitalization coupon, which could be used in culture and services sectors, such as small shops, cultural venues, restaurants and hairdressers."

Video: Minister Andersson's May Day speech. The proposal is released in minute 11 of the video.

According to Minister Andersson, this "revitalization coupon" would be a way for all Finns to participate in the acceleration of the recovery as soon as the Government decides to lift the restrictions.

Andersson also had words of praise for the nurses, health personnel, police, rescue services, and other critical service personnel, who have kept the country running during this crisis.

In her view, the pandemic has also revealed some shortcomings in Finnish society that need to be addressed when the time comes to "rebuild Finland" after this shock.

Minister Andersson wants to give 100 euros to each Finn