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Finns celebrate the Midsummer in the nature regardless of whether it rains or the sun shines.

Finnish Midsummer often includes nature, sauna and a bonfire. It is also referred to as a lemmenjuhla, which means celebration of love, passion and sex.

Probably it was not a coincidence that still in 90's the month that most babies were born in Finland was March, just nine months after Midsummer. However, keep in mind that if Midsummer is celebrated outdoors, also midsummer sex is often practiced outdoors.

If you want to try traditional Finnish midsummer outdoor sex, you should keep in mind a few things:

1. On the beach

Midsummer is often celebrated by the water, so the beach is also a natural place for sex. Although the idea of beach sex may sound romantic, in reality, sand goes into unwanted places and having sex can be surprisingly difficult.

There may also be sharp issues among the sand that can make the sex session really unpleasant. So if you want to try beach sex despite warnings, it is recommended that you take a blanket with you.


2. In the lake

A familiar place often seen in movies for romantic sex is a lake or sea. However, lovemaking in water has other drawbacks than difficulty, namely the risk of dirt and bacteria ending up in the vagina -lake water is not very clean after all.

In addition, water rinses away natural slippery, so hardly loving even feels very good in the water. So, if the proximity of water seems necessary, the shower is probably a better option.

3. On the pier

Evening sun, a quiet cottage landscape and a private pier. Sounds like a perfect place for a delicate moment? Or, the crushed knees and the stinging sticks in the hoops. The pier is really uncomfortable as a platform, just because of hard wood, and the gap between the boards is even more disturbing under the knees or back.

The pier also swings in the water and requires a real balance to stay on top of it.


4. In the forest

There is something fascinating about having sex in the middle of the forest. You just hear the birds singing and smell the fragrances of the forest around. Also there are branches, cones, dirt, mud, bugs and rocks -all in the hair, in the mouth and between the legs.

Not to mention the fluffy mosquitoes around. So if you want to try sex in the forest, maybe it would be best to try it standing. And don't forget the mosquito repellent.

5. In the field

Is there a more classic image of summer sex than escaping together in a peaceful field and falling over the grass among the ardent kisses?

The idea is romantic, the result is not so much. If the tickling hay and the bugs in the ground do not bother, then the fear of the ticks would be the last thing to do bother. What if they get between the toes or the armpits -or even worse places? No, thank you.


6. On the boat

In a boat, lovers must have to be real acrobats to be successful. If standing up is already having some incredible difficulties, how can sex work in a small, unstable boat?

Of course, it is wonderful and romantic to be with your loved one in the middle of a calm lake, but maybe the best is just to do little kissing and petting. Also the safety is a big issue in a boat and life jackets are not necessarily the sexiest accessories.

7. In the tent

If you want to try outdoor sex relatively comfortably, definitely the best option is a tent.

In a tent you are sheltered from the eyes of other people, from the sand, the bugs, and even a small rain does not bother. The tent is also the favorite option for Finns. According to a study made by Kaalimato.com, almost half of the Finns have had sex in the tent, and two-thirds of over 60 years old.


Midsummer magics

If you did not find a partner for this Midsummer and could not try traditional Finnish outdoor midsummer sex, it could be interesting to try some of the old Finnish midsummer magics and find a partner for next year.

For example, according to the old midsummer magic, collecting in midsummer night seven herbs or flowers, putting them under the pillow, you should see your future bride or bridegroom in a dream. Or if you roll naked in a morning dew cornfield, the spouse should appear in your life this year.

Either ways, may your midsummer be magical!


Lemmenjuhla, celebration of the nightless night... with sex