Tuesday. 20.02.2024

The summer could give Finland a blow this weekend, says the forecast of the meteorologists of the Finnish public television network Yle.

According to Yle, the rain and the clouds are about to give us a truce. It will not be a definitive cessation of hostilities, but it will advance the good weather of the summer period.

The experts say it is expected to be windy across the country over the weekend, but "a possible break in the cloud cover could be in store on Saturday", which is also graduation day for thousands of students across the country.

“It’s possible that the clouds will blow over by Saturday, giving the sun a chance to shine in southern and central Finland” said Yle meteorologist Joonas Koskela.

Rain is coming from Sweden

According to Yle's prediction, a low pressure area will still hang over the region of Lapland on Saturday. This will bring scattered showers to northern areas. Another band of rain is moving in from Sweden to western Finland on Saturday.

Up north temperatures on Saturday will hover between 5-10 degrees Celsius and range from 15-20 degrees in central and southern parts.

Yle's weather forecasters expect temperatures to warm up next week, possibly to Finland’s elusive 25-degree-Celsius heat threshold, should predictions come true.

Meteorologists forecast +25°C in Finland next week