Saturday 10/23/21

Marin's spouse company warns an employee

Markkinointi Akatemia transferred the mysterious employee to another department. 
Sanna Marin
Photo: Sanna Marin and Markus Räikkönen / Instagram.

The workplace of Markus Räikkönen, the partner of Prime Minister Sanna Marin, has found the mysterious employee whose 'inappropriate' behavior has damaged the reputation of the Prime Minister, her husband and the company.

On Monday, Markkinointi Akatemia said, an internal investigation was conducted by the firm and an employee was given a warning, according to the press release. The employee has also been transferred to another department.

Last week, the newspaper Iltalehti reported that PM’s husband's company had been offering services to various companies to get aid from Business Finland for them. And according to the newspaper, they did it by appealing to have the husband of the prime minister among the staff. The newspaper quotes the CEO of a company from the Tampere region as the source.

Mikko Pulkkila, CEO of the Markkinointi Akatemia, said in the press release, “As a company, we do not let these inappropriate means of marketing. We do not accept this kind of approach from our employees.”

Case continues internally 

The company stated in its press release that the use of this information in marketing is not in accordance with the company's guidelines and the method of operation has not been approved.

According to the company, the case will be continued internally.

“We will deal with communication and marketing with the staff, and we will have additional discussions if necessary, we can work better in the future,” said Pulkkila.