Monday 10/25/21

Marin calls not to ignore China's "oppression of minorities"

The prime minister reacted to an article published by a Finnish newspaper, describing systematic rape and torture of women from the Uighur Muslim minority.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin in a file photo. Photo: Laura Kotila Vnk.
Prime Minister Sanna Marin in a file photo. Photo: Laura Kotila Vnk.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin raised her voice on Wednesday and accused China of committing "atrocities" and of oppressing its minorities.

Marin launched those harsh accusations against the Asian giant following an article published in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, which echoed a BBC report about concentration camps for the Uighur Muslim minority.

According to the article published by the Finnish newspaper, those camps were created by the Chinese Communist Party and "systematic rape and torture" of women were committed in them, citing as sources anonymous testimonies collected by the BBC among women who survived the camps and a guard.


"Trampling human rights"

The Finnish Prime Minister reacted through her Twitter account and called on the international community not to remain blind to what, according to her, means "trampling on human rights" by China.

"Trade or the economy is not a reason to ignore these atrocities. Human rights must be at the heart of bilateral and multilateral discussions," Marin said.

On January 18, Sanna Marin starred in a controversy in Finland when she demanded from Russia the immediate release of Russian dissident Alexey Navalny.

Her statement, made also through Twitter and without consensus with the office of the President of the Republic, was seen by many as an excess of her functions, in a country where relations with Russia have always been a very sensitive issue, which has affected all foreign and alliance policy.