Wednesday. 29.03.2023

Man throws bucket of feces and paint in employment office in Espoo

A man with his head covered with a hood entered the premises and threw the stuff against the walls, furniture, computers, benches and even the staff that was working.

This is how the office was after the incident. Photo: Twitter Jarmo Ukkonen.

Police have been notified of an unusual incident occurred last Thursday at a Government office in Espoo.

The facilities of the Finnish employment services (TE-Toimisto) in the district of Leppävaara ended up soaked in white paint and feces.

Everything happened very fast: a man run into the lobby and threw the content of a bucket he brought with him. After that, the attacker just left the office.

His action stained walls, benches, furniture, computers, and even some of the workers there. The employment office had to remain closed on Friday and will also be closed next Monday, in order to be thoroughly cleaned.

The Director of the Uusimaa Employment Agency, Jarmo Ukkonen, posted a photo of the office after the attack in his Twitter account.

Jarmo Ukkonen told Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat that “it all happened very quickly" and also that he was surprised "there was so much stuff in that bucket".

“At the time of the incident, our online consultants and customer service staff were in the lobby. Some also got part of the contents of the bucket. They were a little shocked by the incident", he said.

Ukkonen said the attacker was a man, although nobody among the office staff saw his face because his head was covered with a hood.

The attack has been reported to the police. The recordings of the office security camera will be reviewed to try to find out who was the owner of the bucket and its content.

Man throws bucket of feces and paint in employment office in Espoo