Tuesday 10/26/21

Kuopio school attack: perpetrator acted alone, according to police

The motive remains still as one of the unknowns of the case.
Photo: Polamk/Finnish-Police.

Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (Keskusrikospoliisi) has taken over the investigation of the violent attack occurred on Tuesday 1 October in Savo Vocational College, in the eastern city of Kuopio. Investigators published on Wednesday a press release in which they say that suspect of the attack acted "alone" and the motive remains still as one of the unknowns of the case.

"The suspect has acted alone. The motive is not yet clear", remarked the police.

After inspecting the premises of the school, crime experts consider as "clear" that the perpetrator of the attack was a Finnish-born young man born in 1994, who was also a student at Savo Vocational College. He tried to kill "several people" with a saber in his classroom and was shot by the police at the college premises, which are located in Herman shopping center, informed Chief Inspector Olli Töyräs.

One killed, nine injured

"There is currently no information on the motive and causes of this violent act, which is currently under police investigation. At the moment, the police are of the opinion that the suspect was acting along and this is not, for example, an organized crime action", confirmed Chief Inspector Olly Töyräs.

As a result of the incident, one young woman was killed and other nine were injured. The 25-year-old perpetrator is suspect of a murder and several attempted murders. However, the number of offences will be further specified by the experts as the investigation progresses.

According to the National Bureau of investigations, police fired two shots at the scene in order to "stop a suspect who did not obey police orders". The suspect was injured in the shooting and is in intensive care at Kuopio University Hospital. The Office of the General Prosecutor is responsible for investigating police use of weapons.