Tuesday. 06.06.2023

Kela's phone in Arabic, Somali and Russian reopened during epidemic

The Social Security Institution aims to help foreign employees and entrepreneurs who need to apply for example unemployment benefits these hard days. Find in this article the phone numbers for each language.

Kela office in Espoo (Uusimaa). Photo: Wikimedia user Tungsten.

The Social Security Institution (Kela) will reopen its telephone services in Arabic, Russian and Somali during the coronavirus (koronavirus, in Finnish) epidemic.

According to Kela, the aim is to help with this national service foreign customers who may have questions related to Kela's benefits.

Since the Covid-19 emergency began, the Government has amended the labour legislation to facilitate access for employees laid off and entrepreneurs in difficulties to unemployment benefits.

Kela's phones in Arabic, Somali and Russian will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 am to 12:00 since 3 April onwards.

The Phone numbers:

  • Arabic: 020 6344 902
  • Somali: 020 6344 905
  • Russian: 020 6344 901.

This telephone service ​intends to ​help those people who are unable to manage their business in Finnish, Swedish or English. Kela says "the aim is to streamline customers requirements, support integration and reduce the need for interpreters."

Kela announced the closure of the phone service in Arabic, Somali and Russian in December 2019. But the coronavirus crisis has proved the effectiveness of this service to help foreigners in difficulties.

Kela's phone in Arabic, Somali and Russian reopened during epidemic