Saturday. 20.04.2024

The Finnish Social Security Institution (Kela) will launch a new online service in September for users to book appointments.

The service specifically designed for use with mobile devices. It requires strong digital identification before making an appointment.

The new online reservation system is scheduled to go live on 20 September. Kela insists that it is "simple and easy to use," as well as accessible to people with disabilities, meaning that it is compatible with a variety of assistive devices such as screen readers.

As in other areas of public administration, the new system requires users to log into the system to check and verify their appointments, as well as other details. Users will also be able to change and cancel appointments with Kela "easily," says the government agency.

Kela insists that booking an appointment to manage social security matters is particularly useful if the client's situation is complicated or there are many things to review.

For mobile devices

Kela also points out that more and more customers are making use of online services through mobile phones. In 2020, 61% of visitors to its website did so through a mobile device, while 35% used a computer. Hence the supposed 'mobile friendly' feature of the new system.

For privacy reasons, customers must verify their identity before entering the system. They can do this, for example, with their online banking credentials, a mobile ID or electronic identification card.

The process of adopting the new system will begin on 20 September 2021. Customers can only book phone appointments online. In addition customers will continue to have the option of making an appointment by calling Kela's telephone service.

Kela to launch new appointment booking system for use with mobiles