Tuesday. 20.02.2024

Do you want to study at a Finnish university?

If the answer is yes, you must know that the first joint application of the spring 2021 to universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS) begins on Thursday 7 January at 8:00. And it will end on Wednesday 20 January at 15:00, according to a statement by the Finnish National Agency for Education (OPH).

Since 2020, the joint application to higher education is divided into two separate rounds.

In the upcoming first joint application of the spring, students can apply to study programmes taught in English, as well as programmes provided by University of the Arts and the Degree Programme in Theatre Arts at the University of Tampere.

In the second joint application of the spring, candidates will have the possibility to apply to higher education study programmes taught in Finnish or Swedish. The application period for the second joint application runs from 17 March to 31 March later this year.

251 study programmes

For this first joint application round there are 251 study programmes in English available, 140 of which are UAS programmes and 111 are provided by universities.

In total, there are 5,500 student places available in the first joint application, which is 800 more than a year ago.

Students can apply to a maximum of six study programmes in every joint application through Studyinfo.fi. In the first joint application, there is no need to prioritize the order of the selected study programmes when applying. Each applicant can be accepted to all study programmes for which they are eligible and successful enough.

However, each applicant can only accept one offer of admission for studies starting in the same semester.

The first results from the joint application will be published in early February. All results will be published at 4 June at latest.

Finland offers 5,500 places for English higher education programmes