Wednesday. 29.11.2023

The joint application for English-taught higher education is open in Finland. Joint application is the national application procedure that Finnish institutions use when selecting new students. The application times vary depending on the level of education.

For higher education, there are two application rounds in the spring term: the first one (for English-taught programmes) in January and the second in March-April (for programmes in Finnish and Swedish). 

The current application round started on Wednesday 8 January and will end on Wenesday 22 January 2020, informed, the informative portal for students implemented by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Students can now apply to English-taught programmes in Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences as well as programmes offered by the University of the Arts. 

Basically, the joint application mechanism consists that students can apply to several study programs from different institutions and everything can be done with just one form.

In the case of higher education, a joint application can be issued to a maximum of six study programmes, which the student should rank in the order in which they want to be selected. The order is binding and the candidate cannot change it after the application period has ended.

Separate application

The joint application mechanism differs from separate application, in which students apply directly to the education institution with separate a form for each study programme or education institution.

There are no limitations to the amount of study programmes that can be applied to in separate application. recommends always check from the study programme overview if that study programme is in the joint application or separate application.

You can read more about the current joint application round, the programmes offered and education opportunities in Finland HERE

Joint application for higher education in English is open in Finland