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Interior Minister announces through tears she is expecting a child

Maria Ohisalo intends to remain heading the Green Party next term as well
Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo. Photo: Laura Kotila/Vnk/File photo.

Finnish Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo, 36, announced on Wednesday that she is expecting a child.

Ohisalo, who also chairs the Green Party (Vihreät), made the news public during a press conference in the morning, with tears in her eyes and her voice cracking with emotion.

"If all goes well, my husband Miika and I will have a family for Christmas. This thing is exciting and huge. Bigger than anything I have ever encountered in my life. The responsibility feels incomprehensibly big and important. We and my spouse are more than happy about this," she explained.

Maria Ohisalo married her husband Miika Johansson (a biofuel trader) in December 2019.

The baby they both expect for December 2021 would be their first child.

Ohisalo, who has chaired the Green Party since June 2019, says she intends to remain heading the party next term. For this, she will seek to be re-elected in the Congress that the Greens will hold in November.

"I am committed to taking this party to the next parliamentary elections and I am looking for a continuation as chairman of the Greens at the autumn party meeting," she said.

Replacement in Spring

Her party should decide, in the meantime, who will replace her next spring as Interior Minister when she goes on maternity leave.

The Interior Minister was congratulated by her colleagues in the Government, including Prime Minister Sanna Marin.


Interior Minister announces through tears she is expecting a child