Tuesday. 21.05.2024

74% of Finnish companies use cloud services that are subject to a charge, according to Statistics Finland survey on information technology in enterprises.

The share of enterprises that use cloud services has grown by 23 percentage points in five years. The use of cloud services in large enterprises has grown to 90% of enterprises.


Source: Statistics Finland.

By industry

Among the smallest enterprises with 10 to 19 employees, cloud services were used by 70%, and among the largest enterprises with at least 100 employees, by 90%.

By industry, cloud services are most commonly used in the industries of professional, scientific and technical activities, and information and communication activities, over 90% of enterprises, and least commonly in retail trade by 50% of enterprises.

Of the inquired cloud services, enterprises most commonly used email (62%) and file storing (57%).

Relatively common use purposes of cloud services also included office software (55%), accounting applications (44%), maintaining of the enterprise's databases (44%), and customer relationship management (32%). Computing power to run applications as a cloud service was used by 17% of enterprises.


Source: Statistics Finland.

These data were collected with an inquiry in spring 2019 and they apply to enterprises with at least ten employees, Statistics Finland points out.

74% of Finnish enterprises use cloud services