Tuesday. 20.02.2024

The police have corrected the information of a statement issued on 6 August in which they reported the discovery of a human body parts on the seashore in Helsinki.

The police did not give then any details about the finding, but did confirm that the macabre discovery was related to a murder case which is currently under investigation.

Now, a week later, Helsinki Police reported in another statement that, upon close examination, these alleged human remains, which included bones and soft tissues, "turned out to be the paws of a bear."

Based on the investigation findings, police believe the remains came from a hunted bear with its claws and hooves removed. How and why the paws ended up in the sea is still unknown.

Murder investigation continues

As they are not human parts, the police will stop investigating these remains.

However, the investigation of the murder by mutilation - for which twelve people were arrested and imprisoned - continues.

'Human body parts' found in Helsinki turned out to be bear paws