Sunday. 04.12.2022

HSL will refund long season tickets due to Covid-19

There will be no processing fee charged for returning the card.

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL, in its Finnish acronym) will refund season tickets to the customers due to the coronavirus epidemic, the company said in a press release.

The company said refund will be paid for season tickets that were bought on 16 March or before and are valid on 16 April or after.

For HSL app

Cancellation fees will not be charged for terminating auto-renewing saver subscriptions in April. Cancellation fees charged to customers after 16 March will be refunded in May.

For HSL card

Long season tickets loaded on the HSL card (tickets with a start date on 16 March or before and valid on 16 April or after  will be refunded for the portion that extends beyond 16 April.

"To get the refund, customers must mail their cards to HSL by the end of May. Also, the value loaded on your card will be refunded. Do not yet send your card; we will provide detailed information on this over the coming days,” the company explained.

No processing fee will be charged for returning the card and customers will be able to get a new card later free of charge.


HSL will also offer a 50% discount on 30-day season tickets loaded on the HSL app or the HSL card in autumn once the coronavirus epidemic subsides. They will provide further details on this in due course.

For additional information, you can check HSL's web page HERE

HSL will refund long season tickets due to Covid-19