Monday. 17.06.2024

The coronavirus (or koronavirus, as spelled in Finland) threat continues. However, especial measures have not been taken yet in the metropolitan area's public transport, which has about one million daily users.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, the preparations have been made to reduce public transport, but at least a "basic level of service" will be maintained during a potential epidemic.

Head of security at HSL (Helsinki Regional Transport Authority) Sami Hulkkonen said: “When an epidemic strikes, we try to drive as much traffic as possible, at least on the major routes. We've never been in a situation like this before, so it's hard to say how much the epidemic would require."

Hulkkonen also added that services will be reduced if the health authorities so determine.

"Naturally, the potential epidemic would also affect the workforce used, so for that reason, we need to be prepared for the downsizing."

Preparation is better than in a strike

Normally public transport reduced in strike situations. However, according to Hulkkonen, preparedness for the shortage of personnel due to the corona epidemic is better than when a strike comes as a surprise.

“We are currently working on more detailed plans. However, the situation requires constant monitoring and plans for the lines to be run would probably be made on a daily basis in the event of an epidemic.”

“The need for additional cleaning has been considered, but so far it has not been seen as necessary. The maximum care is taken to ensure the hygiene of transport staff” the head of security said.

HSL will reduce public transport traffic if coronavirus becomes epidemic in Helsinki