Wednesday 9/22/21

Video: how to vote in the Finnish parliamentary elections

The Finnish Ministry of Justice has published videos in English language to explain voters how to exercise their right in advance or on election day

Elections by Ministry of Justice
Image: screenshot of the materials published by the Finnish Ministry of Justice.

The advanced voting period for the April 14 Parliamentary elections started on Wednesday 3 April.

If you are a Finnish citizen you have the right to vote and choose, with the rest of your compatriots, who will be the members of the next Parliament.

The Finnish Ministry of Justice has published two videos in English to explain how to vote in advance or on the election day. The videos are also subtitled and contain all the information you need to know about issues such us polling cards, polling stations, postal vote, voting from home or the kind of assistance you may get from polling assistants in order to exercise your right. 

If you want to vote in advance, here are the instructions:

And now here is all you need to know if you prefer to vote on election day:

Vote and make a difference!