Friday 1/21/22
Learn Finnish

Video: how to start speaking Finnish in a fun and easy way

Watch my video on the best free of charge language clubs. They are absolutely worth trying.

As a Finnish teacher I realize that spoken and written Finnish are quite different.

Students may know all the tricky grammar rules about KPT-changes, i-plural and six different verb types. But when they have to answer a simple question in spoken Finnish, they can’t say a word.

You can study written Finnish by yourself but speaking is another thing, you need other people to practice with. The question is: where can you find them?

Watch my video and take my advice on the best free of charge language clubs where you can learn speaking Finnish. They are absolutely worth trying. All of them have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. They don’t have any tests or exams.

"Always leave with a smile"

I have a long history as a voluntary teacher in a language club. I have to say that our meetings are so much fun for both us teachers and students.

We meet only once a week but we always leave with a smile. It is also wonderful to see how our students get better and better in Finnish.

With a little effort you too can become more fluent in spoken Finnish.