Thursday. 01.12.2022

Helsinki stabbing suspect caught in Kotka by police

Suspect in three other murder attempts in Ruoholahti, remanded.
Police by Helsingin poliisi
Photo: Helsinki police.

Police have arrested a 19-year-old man suspected of an attempted murder with a knife that occurred last Sunday in Kaivopuisto, one of the most popular parks in the capital city.

The incident happened at around 00:30, when a 19-year-old man was attacked with a knife.

The victim suffered injuries in the upper part of his body and was taken to hospital.

The case was reported by a bystander to a police patrol that was near the scene. Several calls were also received at the emergency center.

According to police information, at that time there were near the scene "dozens" of young people in a state of intoxication. They were celebrating the May Day festival (Vappu, for Finns), one of the most popular holidays in the whole country.

Helsinki police were unable to find the alleged perpetrator over the weekend. But the suspect was detained Tuesday at noon in the port city of Kotka, about 130 kilometers east of Helsinki.

Police said the suspect had no prior history of violent crime. He will be presented for imprisonment in the coming days most likely on suspicion of attempted murder.

3 attempted murders in Ruoholahti

But this was not the only violent event last weekend.

On Sunday at about 16:45 there was another incident in Ruoholahti. According to the police, an 18-old man is suspected of injuring a minor with a knife.

Two other people, a 19-year-old woman and another minor, were also attacked by the suspect, although they were not injured.

In their first press release, the police had reported 2 victims, but a third one has been found (the woman) as the investigation progressed.

The suspect was remanded on Wednesday.

The police think that the two violent incidents in Kaivopuisto and Ruoholahti are unrelated.

Helsinki stabbing suspect caught in Kotka by police