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Helsinki celebrates the Pride week during the 24th of June–30th of June 2019 with many events and activities. The theme of Helsinki Pride 2019 is 'Movement', in order to honor the roots of human rights fight for sexual minorities and to increase knowledge of the common history of minority groups.

Helsinki Pride is the biggest cultural and human rights event in Finland. And the Pride week this year will be full of rainbow-coloured activities. The program includes workshops, lectures on current topics, discussions, shows, dances and parties that will continue til late in the night. There are events for all ages.

Helsinki Pride will culminate on Saturday 29th June with the great Pride Parade. It will start at 12:00 at Senate Square and continue to a Park Party and the closing party in the evening.

For young people aged 13-25

This year there is also a Youth Pride celebration in Helsinki. It consists on a rainbow event especially made for young people aged 13-25. The attendants will be able to participate in discussions, game nights and summer tours for non-alcoholic parties, workshops, and movies. The week culminates with Saturday's Pride procession and the spectacular club party.

If you want more information on the whole Pride week's program and calendar, you can find it HERE

Besides the Pride week in Helsinki, there are many other Pride events and celebrations in Finland. The dates and locations are the following:

  • Arctic Pride 25.2-3.3.2019
  • Lahti Pride 15-25.5.2019
  • Lappeenranta Pride 8.6.2019
  • Vaasa Pride 10-16.6.2019
  • Pirkanmaan Pride 8-15.6.2019
  • Loviisa Pride 6.7.2019
  • Lohja Pride 13.7.2019
  • Oulu Pride 5-11.8.2019
  • Porvoo Pride 17.8.2019
  • Turku Pride 19-25.8.2019
  • Kouvola Pride 24.8.2019
  • Åland Pride 26.8-1.9.2019

Helsinki celebrates the Pride week