Wednesday 9/22/21

The police ask for help to find out where this bag came from

Several kilos of "very strong amphetamine" were found inside.

Photo: Poliisi/Finnish Police.

The Finnish police has issued a press release asking for people's cooperation to clarify the origin of a bag found in a residential building in Pori with a large amount of drugs inside.

The bag was found on 20 February in the city of Pori (in the west coast) abandoned at the staircase of one apartment building at Eteläpuisto 9 A. Inside it was found "a large amount of highly dangerous drugs", specifically "several kilos of very strong amphetamine", according to the information included in the note released by the police.

The drugs were seized by agents of the Pori police station, who are still investigating the case. According to their findings, the bag in the picture ended up on the staircase of the apartment building at the above address during the day 14 February 2019. That means the drugs were left in the place for a week until the bag was found. For investigative reasons, the police cannot tell by now more details about the information that is in their possession.

Now the police investigators are asking the public for any additional clues. "The police ask all those individuals who have detected some suspicious activity or suspicious people in the vicinity of that address carrying the bag shown in the picture or otherwise, to inform".

Those who know something can report on the phone number 0295 417 259, the WhatsApp account 050 411 7655 and the email address [email protected]

The police says more information on the case will be provided as the investigation progresses.