Sunday. 19.05.2024

Millions of euros of public aid have been given to millionaire companies in the times of the coronavirus.

There are many examples of highly profitable companies that belong to prominent people or to people with good connections to higher levels that Business Finland has helped in these difficult times.

At a time when thousands of small and middle size companies are going through a very difficult situation, many entrepreneurs in Finland became angry after learning that the funding from the state financial company Business Finland has in many cases gone to the accounts of big service companies (for example consultants) with millions of euros of turnover.

The list of cases could go on, but it's already too long for a country where thousands of small businesses are now facing closure due to the coronavirus crisis. And for its citizens, who have been educated in the idea that they live in the cleanest and fairest country in the world when it comes to using the taxpayers money.

Many foreigners have also applied for money from Business Finand in order to save their livelihood but have seen their applications rejected. If you own one of those businesses, wants to hear your story and make it visible.

You can contact us and tell your story at [email protected]

Has Business Finland rejected your application for funds?