Tuesday. 25.06.2024

A delegation of representatives from the Finnish university of applied sciences Haaga-Helia will travel to Rabat by the end of May to examine a group of North African students who dream of achieving a place of study in Finland.

The objective of this delegation will be to evaluate the possible eligibility of the candidates for a place of study in Haaga-Helia for the next Autumn term. This evaluation will be based on interviews and a series of admission tests, with special focus on the measurement of the students' English language skills.

The exams will take place on Thursday, May 30. However, during that same week those experts intend to be available to receive the candidates and their families and answer their questions.

Along with the representatives of the academic institution Haaga-Helia there will also be members of the Finnish company specialized in educational services Autio Partners Ltd Oy, responsible for this project that aims to attract the Finnish educational system the best talents from the neighboring continent.

As the company informed, for this purpose they have already signed a contract with Haaga-Helia and are about to do the same with other major universities of applied sciences in Helsinki.

The manager of Autio Partners Ltd coordination center in Rabat, Imane Lahrich, informed that by now "more than five hundred" high educated students from such countries as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania and even the Comoro Islands have contacted her and requested information about studying in Finland. Some of them are currently going through intensive English language courses in order to gain one of these study places.

The first group of students who pass the tests, pay the corresponding fees and fulfill the other requirements are expected to arrive in Finland by mid-August. "Others are already contacting us looking forward to start by mid-January, when the next academic semester will begin", Imane Lahrich explained.


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