Sunday. 04.12.2022

Migri raised the fee for refugees' right to work certificates by 150%

As of 1 January, Migri charges 50 euros for the documents that entitle asylum seekers to work. Learn in this article how to request one of those certificates and download the relevant form.


The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) announced in its last customer bulletin a 150% increase in the fee charged for issuing a certificate that accredits the right to work of an asylum seeker. This type of charge was introduced on 1 September 2019 and the fee was 20 euros. Only four months later, the fee has risen to 50 euros.

This price increase is added to those applied also from the beginning of this year to applications for residence permits for work, citizenship and other. In addition, from January 1 Migri's customers have to pay 50 euros if they book an appointment and then do not attend it.

Finnish companies or small businesses willing to employ asylum seekers are required by law to ensure that their employees have the right to work.

Before 1 September 2019, this could be done with a phone call to Migri. But then authorities decided to change the rules. Now, the asylum seekers (or their employers) must request a certificate from Migri. Initially the price was 20 euros, but on 1 January 2020 it was raised to 50 euros.

Download the form to request a certificate

Migri reminds customers in its bulletin that the processing fees are "based on a decree by the Ministry of the Interior." The fee rise also applies for other certificates requested from the immigration agency. All new fees can be checked HERE

Those who need to download the form to apply for a certificate of the asylum seekers right to work, they can find it HERE

Asylum seekers or employers who wish to apply for a certificate of the right to work can submit a request for one. Migri emphasizes that a receipt or other proof that the processing fee has been paid must the attached to the application.

The following are accepted as receipt or proof of payment:

  • A receipt that shows that the fee has been paid.
  • An extract from the credit card bill which shows that the money has been debited from the account.
  • A bank statement that shows that the money has been debited from the account.

The quickest way to obtain it

According to Migri, the quickest way to obtain a certificate is to submit the request to them by email or post. If that is not possible, the request may be brought to a service point.

In 2020, service points will accept certificate requests as follows:

  • The Käenkuja Service Point in Helsinki – on Thursdays from 8:00 to 16:15 (from 23 January 2020).
  • Other service points – on all service days (take a queuing number).

When it is ready, the certificate will be sent by mail to the address provided or to the reception centre where the applicant stays.

Migri raised the fee for refugees' right to work certificates by 150%