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According to Statistics Finland, appropriations for research and development in the budget increase by 107.9 million euros from the year before.

In the state budget 2019, the total appropriations for research and development activities amount to 1,991.1 euros million. The share of public research funding in gross domestic product is estimated to be 0.83 per cent.

Government research and development fund 2019

Source: Statistics Finland

According to social policy objective category, the biggest increase in R&D funding in euros is directed to industrial production and technology, the funding increases by 68.3 million euros in the state budget for 2019.

For the majority of the objective categories, R&D funding either increases or remains on level with the previous year, but R&D funding directed to, for instance the objective category land use, transport systems and other infrastructure, decreases by 15.2 million euros from the budget one year ago.

The biggest individual objective categories, to which R&D funding is directed, are universities’ research and development and general advancement of science, which mainly consists of the Academy of Finland’s research funding.

Among administrative sectors, research and development activities are financed most in the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

The major providers

The major provider of funding is the Ministry of Education and Culture, whose R&D funding in the budget for 2019 is 1,206.1 million euros. The increase from the appropriations in the budget one year before is 41.7 million euros.

The R&D funding of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment also grows, by 72.7 million euros from the budget one year earlier, a majority of which is an increase in the funding of Business Finland.

Budget R&D allocations

Source: Government R&D funding in the state budget 2019, Statistics Finland.

Government R&D funding increases by 108 million euros in state budget