Sunday. 05.02.2023

Government launched a website to advertise English job offers

Jobs in Finland is the first online platform that presents a summary of vacancies that do not require to speak Finnish. Job seekers can filter vacancies geographically and by industry or job area.

Image: the website Jobs in Finland, by Business Finland.

The Finnish Government, through Business Finland, has launched the first official website where job offers for which it is not necessary to speak Finnish will be published.

According to Business Finland's bulletin, the platform Jobs in Finland is operational since 21 January 2020. The site intends to be a tool for job hunters, but also for those Finnish companies interested in recruiting international talent.

At Jobs in Finland, job seekers can filter vacancies geographically and by industry or job area.

In the initial phase, the platform advertises opportunities in the Helsinki Metropolitan area and Southwest Finland (Turku area). But Business Finland has promised to expand the service "soon" to other regions such as Pirkanmaa (Tampere) and Ostrobothnia.

Business Finland explains that, in order to be published in this new website, work vacancies must be located in Finland, the working language must be English and the workplace must have "working conditions in accordance with the Finnish system."

Applicants interested in any of those jobs may contact the recruiting company directly or the contact person behind the link in the advertisement.

For companies and job seekers

Business Finland emphasized that small and medium-sized enterprises in particular need tools to find talent outside for jobs where there is no knowledge or labour available in Finland. The agency expects this site will also serve foreign job seekers in Finland, such as foreign students graduating from universities.

"The site offers Finnish companies a channel to find experts in different fields also abroad. This provides one concrete tool to overcome the skills shortage," says Ulla Hiekkanen-Mäkelä from Talent Boost, Business Finland.

"There is global competition for talent." "International experts interested in Finland will find it easier to find jobs open to them," added Sonja Hämäläinen, Director of Immigration at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

The Finnish Government aims to raise employment rate and immigration in order to achieve economic sustainability.

Estimates of the need for labour migration range from around 20,000 to 35,000 persons annually and 50% of Finnish companies have stated that they are suffering from a shortage of skills, says Business Finland.

Government launched a website to advertise English job offers