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Foreigners more often suspects of criminal offences than Finns, according to Statistics Finland

The Finnish statistical office says in drug offences Somali men are suspects 3.4 times more often than Finnish men and in the case of sexual offences Iraqi men are suspects 12.8 times more often than Finnish men.

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In 2017 and 2018, in total 35.7 Finns per 1,000 were suspected of offences against the Criminal Code. In the case of foreign citizens, the rate was higher, 41.8 foreigners per 1,000 foreign citizens. "So, foreign citizens were suspected of offences 1.2 more often than Finnish citizens".

This is the main conclusion of the statistics on offences and coercive measures 2018 published today by Statistics Finland. According to the figures included in the study, 443,500 offences against the Criminal Code were recorded by the police, customs and border guard during 2018.

There were 297,600 persons suspected of 273,600 solved offences against the Criminal code of whom 34,200 were foreigners, this is 11.5%. Asylum seekers are not part of the permanent population, so the offences they commit are not included in the study.


Source: Statistics Finland.

By nationality

Differences between Finns and foreigners are even greater when analyzing the numbers by nationality and by types of offences, says Statistics Finland.

For example, Swedish citizens were suspected 2.3 times more often than Finns and Iraqi citizens 2 times more often. In the case of drug offences, Somali men are suspected 3.4 times more than Finnish men and regarding sexual offences Iraqi men are suspects 12.8 times more than Finnish men.

In 2017 and 2018 -always according to Statistics Finland- altogether 2,378 Finnish men were suspects of sexual offences and 122 Iraqi men.

This only concerns suspected offences, which the police have moved to consideration of charges. Therefore, this does not necessarily result in a charge or judgement. An offence committed by a casual acquaintance or a stranger is easier to report to the police than, for example, one committed by someone's spouse, explains the statistical office in its release.

Suspects offences nationality

Source: Statistics Finland.

The above table presents the number of suspects so that the suspect is included once per year for the same offence. In other words, if the same person has committed two assaults and one rape, s/he is included as a suspect for both assault and rape. Once for both.

Not so clear differences for women

For women, the differences between nationalities is not so clear, though foreigners are suspects of offences also more often.

For example, in property offences Swedish citizens are suspects 2.6 times more often than Finns. Especially in an examination by age group, the number of suspects and the number of representatives of a nationality can be low, so individual cases are emphasized, says Statistics Finland.

Foreigners more often suspects of criminal offences than Finns, according to Statistics...