Wednesday 10/20/21

English should be Finland's third official language, say readers will ask a different question about Finland and Finnish lifestyle every Friday on its official Twitter account @foreignerfi


Finland has already two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. However, many foreigners and newcomers use English in their everyday lives. Therefore, asked the readers in a Twitter poll, "Should English be the third official language in Finland?"

In the poll, the respondents were given four options which were 'Yes', 'No', 'Only in Uusimaa' (the Helsinki region) and 'Only in Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa' (Helsinki and Tampere areas).

The mini poll was answered by 116 readers and 71% of them said 'Yes'. 26% voted 'No'; 1% voted 'Only in Uusimaa' and 2% said 'Only in Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa'.

About the reader's comments, one reader said that, "Having it nationwide might help fight urbanization and keep small towns alive." 

However, another reader said it would be sad news, "Migrants will probably discontinue the use of finnish. The population of FI isn't enough to guarantee the survival of the language in the long term. If English is to be considered an official language, finnish will die even sooner and with it the culture it represents. Sad news."

Some readers clearly opposed the idea.

"No, Finland is Finland, Finnish is its language. If you want to live there, you learn the local language. Simple. Language is such an important part of the identity a country has. I'm already seeing that Dutch is slowly being replaced with English in my home country NL. not ok."

Although the poll was launched in Twitter, we got also some comments from readers via Facebook:

-"There is too much English already in Finnish papers and media..." (FB)

-"No, every country should to keep their traditions and languages." (FB) is going to ask a different question about Finland every Friday on its official Twitter account