Friday 1/21/22

New Intermediate course of Finnish language for the readers of

Six new lessons to learn how to express yourself correctly by using some basic grammatical forms such as the plurals or the conjugation of the verbs

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During the last six weeks, thousands of people have followed the Finnish language course for beginners offered by 

The initiative has been a success thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the experienced Finnish teacher Jenni Turunen, who has designed a special programme for our readers and kindly offered for free her expertise in order to make this project possible.

Through the content of her theoretical lessons and her teaching materials (videos and Tiny Games) readers learned to greet our Finnish day-to-day colleagues, to use the basic polite words, the numbers, the basic vocabulary to introduce themselves, to talk about the time of the day, the weather, the partitive case and other issues.

Now that they are familiar with this rare language and have mastered a little of its basic vocabulary, it is time to go further. For this reason, from next Friday, March 1, will come back with the newest Finnish lessons of Jenni Turunen.

Express yourselves!

This second set of lessons will make it possible for those who already understand some Finnish language to express more correctly and to understand better how people speak in the street. Therefore, it includes some basic grammatical explanations such as the formation of the plurals or the conjugation of the verbs.

The plan designed by Jenni Turunen for this second stage is as follows:

  1. Monikkomuodot - Plural forms. To be published on March 1, 2019.
  2. Johdatus suomen verbeihin - Introduction to Finnish verbs. Available on March 8, 2019.
  3. Kysymysten tekeminen - Making questions in Finnish. March 15, 2019.
  4. Missä, mistä, mihin - Where, where to, where from. March 22, 2019.
  5. Lausetyypit - Different types of sentences. Since March 29, 2019.
  6. Puhekieli - Spoken Finnish. Will be published on April 5, 2019.

Beginners course still available

If you could not follow the beginners course since it started on January 1, 2019 do not worry! The lessons are available still in and will remain at the system in the 'Moving to Finland section', subsection 'Learn Finnish'

In we want to encourage once more all our readers to learn to speak Finnish in order to improve their language skills. For sure, that will increase the chances to work in Finland and to integrate in the Finnish society.

As said before, those who try to speak Finnish even in a very basic level will notice very soon a huge change in terms of understanding, acceptance and sincere thankfulness when dealing with the locals.

Speaking the language of your host country will help you get to know the Finns much better. It will also improve your social life and give you access to job offers that you can not request at the moment due to the lack of knowledge of the language. So, do not miss this opportunity to improve what you already learned.