Saturday 10/23/21

Foreign minors suspected of killing 24-year-old at Helsinki station

Some of those involved in the brawl were arrested shortly after at Malmi station.
Travelers in the lobby of the Helsinki main train station. Photo:
Travelers in the lobby of the Helsinki main train station. Photo: photo.

Helsinki police are working to clarify a tragic incident that involved a group of young people, "most of them of foreign origin", and which ended with the death of a 24-year-old in the capital's main train station.

According to a press release by the Helsinki Police Department, the event occurred during the evening of Monday 19 April.

At half past nine in the evening, the police received an alert from the emergency center, according to which a fight had taken place at Helsinki Central Station in which about ten people had been involved, most of them from foreign origin. As a result, one person had been stabbed.

The police reacted by sending numerous patrols to the station. The emergency services did not arrive in time, however, to prevent the fatal outcome. The 24-year-old victim of the stabbing died shortly after the first police car arrived at the scene.

Suspects arrested in Malmi

There was, however, time to hunt down and arrest some of the people involved in the fight that ended in murder.

"Police quickly reached some of the suspects at Malmi train station, where they had traveled by train after the events. The suspects in the murder are minors," says Crime Commissioner Jukka Larkio.

The police have launched an investigation into the events and are requesting information from the people who witnessed the fight.