Thursday. 20.06.2024

Finland will pay tribute to the heroes of the Winter War against the Soviet Union by flying flags massively throughout the country on 13 March.

On that day, the Finnish people will commemorate that 80 years have passed since the end of that short war fought between neighbours in the context of the Second World War early stage.

The conflict began on 30 November 1939, when the Soviet Union attacked Finland without a previous declaration of war.

In the midst of the catastrophe that was World War II, the Winter War had a very limited scope and is little known globally.

But for the Finns it is a source of national pride (they managed to maintain their independence from an aggressive a superpower) and also of frustration, because Finland was practically abandoned by the international community and forced to give to the Russians the Karelia region and the city of Viipuri, at that time the second largest in the country.

The outcome was not what the Soviet leaders wanted either, because the Red Army failed in its attempt to occupy the country and suffered very high losses.

From sunrise to sunset

Now, when 80 years have elapsed from than conflict, the Finnish Ministry of the Interior recommends a general raising of flags throughout the country on the occasion of the anniversary.

According to a statement by the Ministry led by Maria Ohisalo, flags will be raised at 8:00 in the morning and lowered at sunset.

The Ministry of the Interior has ordered all government agencies and institutions to participate by raising their flags.

Finns will fly flags massively on Winter War end anniversary