Sunday. 14.04.2024

Finnish Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen will attend a working dinner as part of a meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence in Brussels on 24 October 2019.

According to Finnish Government, the theme of the working dinner is to combat hybrid threats and improve crisis resilience.

In addition, the ministers are to discuss the readiness to meet the challenges posed by 5G from the perspective of cyber defence. Finland will attend the dinner together with Sweden and the EU.

Bilateral meeting

While in Brussels, Minister Kaikkonen will also have a bilateral meeting with French Minister for the Armed Forces Florence Parly. The ministers are to discuss topical defence policy issues.

On 25 October, the Resolute Support Mission meeting will be organised in Brussels. In addition to NATO member countries, representatives from the countries participating in the operation in Afghanistan have been invited.

Minister Kaikkonen will not be able to attend and therefore NATO Ambassador Klaus Korhonen will represent Finland at this meeting.

Finnish Defence Minister will attend NATO dinner in Brussels