Thursday. 01.06.2023

The missing Finn in Tallinn fell from the ship to the sea

21-year-old Patrick Stefanius had been reported missing from Silja Europa cruise ferry last Saturday in Estonia. His body has not yet been found
Patrick Stefanius. Phobo: Eastern Finland Police Department.

Patrick Stefanius, the 21-year-old Finnish man who was reported missing in Estonia since last Saturday, fell into the sea from the Silja Europa cruise ferry, reported today the Eastern Finland Police Department. The event happened at dawn on Saturday 17th August, while the ship was docked in Tallin Harbour.

The police published today a brief press release to inform about the "progress" made in the investigation of the missing young man.

According to this official statement, the viewing of the images recorded by the ship's security cameras "confirmed that Patrick Stefanius has fallen from the ship's deck into the sea, but Patrick Stefanius has not yet been found".

The police did not provide any information about the cause of the fall (they didn't say whether it was accidental or deliberate). Only commented that "no other persons are believed to be involved or suspected of having committed a crime" connected to this event.

The investigators also expressed their gratitude for the tips they received.

Last sight at the nightclub

Pactrick Stefanius was reported missing last Tuesday by the Eastern Finland police department. According to the information provided, the last seeing of the man was in Silja Europe's nightclub on Friday night for Saturday 17th August, around 3:00 AM, while the ship was docked in Tallin Harbour.

At the time of his disappearance, Patrick Stefanius was wearing blue jeans, a bluish collar shirt and a black cap.

The missing Finn in Tallinn fell from the ship to the sea