Sunday. 19.05.2024

Finnish authorities are slowly lifting travel restrictions implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic, and air travel is estimated to slowly resume in the following weeks.

As the number of passengers grows, more restaurants and services at Finnish airports will open their doors, the main airport operator (Finavia) said in a press release.

According to Finavia, some services have been open during the entire, exceptional springtime, but most shops and restaurants, for example, have temporarily had to close their doors.

At Helsinki Airport, services that have continuously served passengers and customers include Alepa supermarket, R-kiosks, WHSmith kiosk, ARG Fashion shop, and some pharmacies. Also, Jobmeal and Hartwall food automations have been in use the entire time.

In early June, popular restaurants Pier Zero, Helsinki Bistrot , and Buger King in arrival hall 2A opened their doors once again.

The current opening hours

The current opening hours of restaurants and services at Helsinki Airport can be found on Finavia’s website. Network airports are open depending on arriving and departing flights, and therefore, restaurants and services at temporarily closed airports are also closed for now.

Finavia says many shops and restaurants at airports have used the stop of the activity caused by the coronavirus pandemic for development, such as renovations. "Also, Helsinki Airport’s development programme has progressed right on schedule," the airport operator says.

"Finavia is actively following the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic and following the development regarding travel restrictions. More restaurants and services will be opened as the situation evolves."

Finnish airport restaurants and services gradually reopening