Tuesday. 18.06.2024

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has circulated for comments a government proposal, which will create the legislative basis for a new digital service platform for employment services (TE Services).

Finnish authorities expect that this "new service platform would improve the matching of employees with jobs and make employment services more efficient."

The so-called Job Market platform, whose test versions are already in use, utilizes artificial intelligence to enable jobseekers and employers "to find each other faster and better," the Ministry said in a press release.

Compared with the current TE online service, the new service would allow jobseekers to create and publish job search profiles.

The reform aims to create digital employment services that are customer-oriented and user-friendly.

The new digital service would replace the customer information system of employment offices (TE Offices) as well as the customer and expert services (TE online services) currently in use.

Business customers

The services for personal and business customers and experts, as well as the informational content of TE public services, would become available on the Job Market service platform. 

The draft proposal is included in the 2022 budget proposal and will be discussed alongside it.

The initiative can be commented on Lausuntopalvelut.fi until 20 August 2021.

Finland to launch new online tool to match the unemployed with jobs