Thursday. 30.11.2023

Coronavirus crises increased alcohol sales in Finland.

When price levels in countries are compared with the EU average price level index of 100, the results show that in 2018, the price of alcoholic drinks (spirits, wine and beer) was highest in Finland. Moreover, the country has a monopoly for selling wine and spirits.

Alko is the only store in Finland that retails beer over 5.5 percent alc/vol, wine (except in vineyards) and spirits. And the company said in March, “There was growth in all products’ sales and especially in the boxed wine.”

Therefore, asked the readers in a Twitter poll, “Should Finland end Alko's monopoly on the sale of wine and spirits??”

In the poll, respondents were given two options, which were 'Yes' and 'No'.

The mini poll was answered by 64 readers and 79.7% of the readers think Finland should end Alko’s monopoly on the sale of wine and spirits. 20.3% voted ‘no'.

About the reader’s comments from Facebook, one reader said, “Of course, the prices will go down... :)” is going to ask a different question about Finland every Friday on its official Twitter account

Finland should end Alko's monopoly on alcohol sale, readers say