Monday 10/25/21

Finland considers it "sensible" to grant a new extension for Brexit

Helsinki is in favor of ensuring an orderly exit of the UK, even if to do so the calendar must be changed again.
Prime Minister Antti Rinne. Photo: Finnish Government.

Finland, together with the other EU member states, considers it "important" that the withdrawal agreement negotiated with the United Kingdom be approved, said Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne in his statement on the latest Brexit developments.

The country that holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU is in favor of altering the calendar again, if that is necessary to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

According to Rinne, avoiding a no-deal divorce "is in the interest of citizens and businesses of both the European Union and the United Kingdom". For this reason, the "EU wil continue with its preparations and ratification process in line with the negotiated agreement", he said.

However, Helsinki is in favor of ensuring an orderly exit from the United Kingdom, even if to do so the date must be delayed once again.

Extension requested by Boris Johnson

European Council President Donald Tusk will be contacting the EU heads of state or government so that the EU-27 can take a position on the UK Government's request to postpone the exit date until 31 January 2020 instead of 31 October 2019 (the previously stated due date).

The new extension was requested by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson although he insists in his determination to leave the EU later this month.

"I think it would be sensible to grant an extension, and I hope that in the UK progress will be made with processing the withdrawal agreement", Prime Minister Antti Rinne remarked.