Friday. 02.06.2023

Finland and Portugal celebrate 100 years of diplomatic relations

On this occasion, Helsinki and Lisbon authorities reaffirmed their commitment to the reinforcement of a close cooperation, both in the context of the EU and to face global challenges such as climate change.
Lisbon Tram by Pixabay

In January 2020, Portugal and Finland celebrate the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

According to a joint statement issued by the two states, over the last century, both countries have worked together to create and promote a stable and comprehensive relationship, built on solid bonds of friendship and cooperation.

"Portugal and Finland wish to promote the future of this cooperation, stressing areas of common interest such as innovation, circular economy and energy transition. Climate change is also a major concern and challenge for both countries. Portugal and Finland are particularly interested in working together in the area of forest management, which could help to contribute to the development of planning in the Portuguese countryside," the governments of Helsinki and Lisbon said.

"On this occasion, Portugal and Finland reaffirm their commitment to the expansion of bilateral relations at the political, economic and cultural level, as well as to the reinforcement of the solid and close cooperation in the context of the European Union, thus contributing to a shared prosperity. They also wish to underline and reaffirm their close cooperation and shared views on the global challenges we face and their collaboration at the international multilateral fora."

Finland and Portugal celebrate 100 years of diplomatic relations