Wednesday 10/20/21

Finance Ministry spent 21,626 euros on anniversary themed party

Ministry of Finance did not organize a New Year Party. However, they preferred a big anniversary part. In addition, other Finish ministries spent more than 250,000 euros for their Christmas parties.
Photo: Pixabay / Harmony Lawrence

Ministry of Finance led by Katri Kulmuni organized an anniversary party on 31 January at the Sokos Hotel Presidentti, in the center of Helsinki.

Party theme was "The Great Gatsby", which refers to the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel.

The novel set in the United States in the 1920s, Jay Gatsby suddenly organizes magnificent parties for the eye-catching people of the jazz era in his mansion. The selfish and extremely materialistic Gatsby has been interpreted to represent what the American dream is at its worst.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Finance to Iltalehti, the total cost of the party was 21,626 euros. The party was attended by 308 officials, so the cost was 70 euros per person.

6.000 euros in alcohol

The rent, food and drinks for the party place went to 18,446 euros of which alcoholic beverages accounted for 5,971 euros. The band spent 2,060 euros, the circus performance 1,000 euros and the decorations 120 euros.

This year Ministry of Finance did not organize Christmas Party. On the other hand, the other ministries spent a total of 254,000 euros on their own little Christmas parties.

The most expensive new year party organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture which led by Li Andersson and its cost was 33,613 euros.