Tuesday. 27.02.2024

Uusimaa region woke up on Friday covered by a blanket of snow, which brought further complications to the roads. Several traffic accidents occurred in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

One of them was a fatal car crash occurred in Porvoo in which a 60-year-old man died.

According to the police press release, “The accident occurred when the driver of a passenger car attempted to overtake a truck that was still driving and collided with an oncoming car. The vehicle that left to overtake had one passenger in addition to the driver. Neither of them was seriously injured in the accident. The accident killed a 60-year-old man who was the driver of a vehicle in the oncoming lane.”

In addition to Porvoo, the Helsinki Road Traffic Center has reported traffic accidents in Kolmostie, Nurmijärvi, Nelostie, Järvenpää and around the Ring Road and Länsiväylä junction in Kirkkonummi.

A bus and a truck were involved in the Kirkkonummi crash. One person was slightly injured in the case.

One fine at Uusimaa border

On Thursday 2 April a total of 46,619 vehicles arrived at the Uusimaa border checkpoints, which are guarded by the police and army conscripts. Of them, the police gave orders to turn around to "a total of 185 during the day,” (four less compared to the previous day) says the Helsinki Police Department in a press release.

On the same day, at the checkpoints, the Police imposed 1 fine for violating the emergency law.

In addition to the roadblocks, police officers also monitor the trains that connect Uusimaa with the rest of Finland. On Thursday, 882 train passengers were checked, 13 of whom had to be turned. No fine was imposed on trains.

Fatal traffic accident in Porvoo