Wednesday. 24.04.2024

The Police received five reports from the Hyvinkää area about fraudulent attempts made by fake police officers to scam older people and steal their money.

According to a press release by the East Uusimaa Police Department, at least in two of those cases the scammers succeeded in deceiving their victims and took their money.

The police informed that in one case the thieves stole 10,000 euros and in the other case they robbed 34,000 euros. The victims were very old people who acted in good faith, believing the scammers were real policemen willing to help them.

Investigators explained that the cheaters may use many stories to try to get the money. One of the common methods is to pretend to be police officers and to confuse the victims with stories about investigations of serious crimes in which their bank accounts may be at risk.

They usually tell the elderly that the only way for them to avoid damages is to withdraw the money from their accounts urgently or to provide them with the internet banking codes.

Gross fraud

"It's really shameful how the cheaters use the good faith of seniors. We are investigating the above scams as aggravated fraud", said Mikko Minkkinen, Director of Investigation.

The police stressed that neither police officers nor anyone acting legally will ever ask from regular citizens personal data such as online banking credentials, phone pins, social media or email passwords.

"The police are asking the people who work with older people, their relatives and friends to remind them often enough to prevent the cheaters from succeeding", Minkkinen concluded.

If you or your loved ones are suspected of being a victim of a crime, a report should be submitted. A criminal complaint may also be filed electronically HERE

In the event of an emergency, authorities recommend calling the emergency number 112.

Fake police officers stole 34,000 euros from the elderly